Location Boydton, VA
Owner: Confidential
Total Site Acreage: 110

Project Description:

Project work included over 1 million cubic yards of excavation on an accelerated schedule of only 6 months; 4,000 linear feet of storm drainage installation- including 72” Class 3 reinforced concrete pipe, 7,000 tons of Class 3 Rip Rap, 5,000 tons of Class 2 Rip Rap, over 3,000 tons of Class 1 Rip Rap.

Wetlands filling, construction of a gabbion basket retaining wall, 83,000 square yards of fine grading, 12,000 tons of road stone and associated erosion and sediment control measures.

Existing soil conditions made this project difficult to keep on schedule because of high moisture contents. Eventually, lime drying methods were implemented in order to maintain project schedule.

All HBI employees were held accountable to very strict safety regulations. We were eventually recognized for our dedication to safety by construction management team, Hensel Phelps