Carroll Marlin “Buck” Chaney

Buck Chaney started with Haymes Brothers in 1971 according to our records but according to Charlie Haymes it was 1969. Regardless of which is correct, he worked here for more than 46 years. Very few people can claim a record like that and very few employers are fortunate enough to have an employee with that kind of dedication. Buck was the definition of dedication. He worked continuously and tirelessly to repair and maintain Haymes Brother's equipment. In fact in the early days, Bill and Charlie had to tell him that he could not work on Sundays because if there was equipment that was down or an engine that needed to be rebuilt, Buck was going to work straight through to get it going so it would making money for the company. Although he was banned from working Sundays for Haymes Brothers, you can bet that if he wasn't at church, he was working on something at his own shop. No one worked harder and no one worked through pain any more than he did. His injury at young age caused leg and back pain his entire life but he worked and didn't complain about it. Favoring one leg caused stress on his other foot and resulted in broken bones several times but he worked on.

As dedicated as he was to Haymes Brothers, he was equally dedicated to his family. He loved his children and grandchildren with a depth that was easily seen and often expressed.

He will be greatly missed and never replaced and never forgotten.

His pain and suffering are over now and he is in the presence of his Lord.